Journey to the Ice - published in 2022 on Amazon and

My photobook "Journey to the Ice" is now available on in high-quality hardcover and also on  It features over 100 photographs from my recent expedition to Antarctica in a hardcover book with premium paper. I have included anecdotes and facts that I learned on this educational and exciting adventure. Click on the book cover to check it out. 

Journey to the Fire - published in 2021 on Amazon (click image)

In 2019, I had the opportunity to join up with a group of old and new friends to go on a Habitat for Humanity trip to Guatemala. We helped two families build their future homes, working with them and other local workers hand-in-hand. Moreover, we were able to participate in their lives and get to know God-loving, hard-working, kind, happy, and proud people. In our spare time, we were able to explore the beautiful country and its culture. One of the highlights of my trip was going on an incredible hike and seeing an active volcano. In addition, I learned about Antigua, Lake Atitlán, San Lucas Tolimán, and the importance of weaving and coffee in the region. The 100+ photos in this book give you a glimpse into our adventure.

Journey to the Candle - published in 2020 on Amazon (click image)

The following picture was awarded honorable mention in the AAA Southern California Westways magazine photo contest 2021:

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