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As I am going through my pictures, this epic adventure we just returned from a few days ago seems surreal, like a dream. I realize how privileged we were to be able to go on this trip, especially during a pandemic and how blessed we are to be returning safely without any injuries or major hiccups. We experienced so much on this action-packed adventure that it is hard to put it in words, and to be able to share it with Markus (my 18 year old son) makes it even more special. In a series of posts I will try to share some pictures and stories over the next few weeks. To get started, here are some highlights of our trip and on the left and  below you will find select stories with more details and pictures:

• We were part of the first organized Scouting Group expedition to Antarctica (ever) with a fellow 39 Venturing scouts (youth and adults)

• We drove about 1,000 miles

• We were on 7 flights totaling over 17,000 miles

• We crossed the famous Drake passage around Cape Horn with winds over 50mph and swells as high as 30 feet

• We sailed on a 110-passenger boat almost 2,000 Miles

• We backpacked/Hiked 30 miles

• Walked 200,000 steps (says my fit app)

• Had 7 Covid tests

• Had 11 bus transfers/rides

• We saw nature galore (Minke whales, Humpback whales, Adelie-, Chinstrap-, and Gentoo penguins, Crab eater -, Weddell -, and Leopard seals, various petrels, Skuas, Albatrosses, sheathbills, cormorants, gulls, terns)

• We slept on Antarctica in a snow hole under open sky

• Markus did the polar plunge • Kayaked between Antarctic icebergs

• Crossed with zodiacs through mystical icefields and majestic icebergs

• Witnessed calving of an iceberg

• Checked out the shipwreck of a whaling boat from 1904 with a Zodiac

• Traveled with and learned from scientists around the world • Visited two national parks in Argentina

• Backpacked in Patagonia and was close to glaciers and lagoons around famous Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy.

• Camped with view of the Fitz Roy massif at a pristine and clear glacier stream.

• Visited the southernmost town, road, and post office at the End Of The World in Southern Argentina.

The Awe-Inspiring Continent

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