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The first time I saw an iceberg was at Half Moon Island, a tiny island over 600 miles south of the southern tip of South America. We had seen ice and snow covered mountains before as we sailed between Robert and Nelson Island, which are across Bransfield straight from the Antarctic Peninsula. It was VERY cold, VERY windy, and the iceberg was FAR away. It was a little anticlimactic. Plan A was to go ashore but the winds were prohibitively strong and the Expedition leader decided to go with Plan B, which was sailing to Deception Island. However, the weather was in charge again, and mid way through our trip we changed to Plan C, continuing to sail into more protected waters near the peninsula before we did our first activity. From that point on, we were just in awe. I am trying to put this experience into words, but how do you describe this foreign, mystical, serene, peaceful yet merciless scenery? Hopefully my pictures will speak more than my words.

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