Waving Hello

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There are 6 species of seals that live in antarctic waters and we saw three of them: Leopard, Crabeater and Weddell seal.  We did not see the Fur, Ross, or Elephant seal. 

Most of the time they were just lazing around on their respective floe or ice pack and most of the ones we saw are cute but some are ferocious penguin eaters. The Weddell seal was waving at us from afar and the leopard seal wasn't too happy about us getting so close with our Zodiacs. Seeing the leopard seal was really lucky because it was at the end of a cold, windy Zodiac cruise and on our way back to the Plancius one of the Expedition leaders spotted it and called us all over. I totally forgot about my cold hands at that moment! 

Some seals looked really cute and cuddly

Some looked cute at first but then became more scary like this leopard seal

Some were just resting on their floe and didn't get bothered by our ship sailing by

This one was posing in front of an impressive iceberg

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And this is waving goodbye

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