Story of the Zodiacs

The Plancius, our mothership and  home for 10 days, is operated by Oceanwide Expeditions, and housed just over 100 passengers.  We had 10 Zodiacs on board that were loaded and unloaded via a crane for every "activity".  We had usually 2 activities a day, weather and location permitting, which included cruising, landing, and taking out kayakers and divers. They usually went out in pairs for security and were operated by one of the 12 expedition staff who each was a specialist or a scientist in a specific field. Getting on and off the Zodiac was via the gangway with strict safety rules and landings were mostly "wet" landings when your rubber boots came in handy to keep you dry.  During rough seas this was not for the faint of heart and when help with a hand was offered, you took it.

The Zodiacs were loaded and unloaded from our mothership the "Plancius". The right picture shows the gangway in the back.

Zodiacs took us cruising close to land and through icefields

They brought us close to icebergs

or a massive glacier and it's "toe" or end

They hauled our kayaks to the starting location

They kept us close together (me and my friend Rich)

They brought us to the polar plunge (and back to warmth)

They brought the divers to their diving location

And sometimes they delivered warm drinks to the "zodiacers"

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